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Helping you get rid of pesticides and preservatives from fruits and vegetable till ensuring a chemical free cleaning of your kitchen, Meraki Kangen Water with its multifunctional waters is designed for everyone

Bring Out The MasterChef In You

Cleaning Water (Alkaline Level 4 – PH 10.5, ORP -420 MV):

This water helps you remove any harsh pesticides or preservatives by simply rinsing your vegetables and fruit. Simply fill a bowl with alkaline water level 4, and let your fruits and vegetables soak in it for 20 – 30 minutes (longer is better). High alkalinity and ionizations results in water hydrolysis and you will see the water turn towards a slight brownish colour as the water is detoxifying your produce. Once your vegetables are done soaking, discard the dirty water, and rinse off your produce in fresh filtered water.

Cleaning Water is best for rinsing fruits and vegetables because it can neutralize many of the toxic residues that plain water can’t. Additionally, many people find that their vegetables actually taste better after soaking in it water as well. This is why Kangen Water become an essential part of healthy eating, in addition to a healthy source of drinking water.

Drinking And Cooking Water (Alkaline Level 3 – PH 9.5 ORP -250mV):

This water benefits your favourite dishes in many ways like preparation of soups and making tea as it helps to enhance the overall taste aroma. Cooking in alkaline Level 3 helps keep the flavour of many foods, while cutting the bitterness and acidity of various types. It can enhance the flavour of rice, pasta, soups, stews, and similar meals or side dishes since it doesn’t break down the flavour like tap or bottled water does. In addition to helping the flavour, this water also keeps many of the nutrients of the ingredients within the dish whereas cooking often kills a significant part of it.

In the 8th century, the Chinese “Sage of Tea”, Lu Yu, wrote a book on tea which contained information about different kinds of water sources that may be best for tea. He claimed that the highest quality water for tea comes from slow-moving mountain springs. Considering both tea and coffee are predominantly water, the type of water you use for your brew highly impacts the flavour. Pure water will allow the full flavours to resonate. Alkaline water level 3 has also been known to reduce the acidity of both tea and coffee, and works particularly well for light roast and cold brew coffee.

Toning Water (Acidic Water - PH 5.5 ORP +250 MV) :

Spray this water on food before freezing (including fish and shrimps) so that food does not lose its flavour.

Toning Water (Acidic Water - PH 5.5 ORP +250 MV) :

This water is ideal as a cleaner around the kitchen and your home, being antiseptic, it makes it a good chemical free alternative for cleaning counters, cutting boards, floors, windows, etc. If your leaving your used dishes overnight, its best to fill in the sink with this water for easier cleaning in the morning with less use of detergent.

Meraki Kangen Water Is Not A Water Filter, It’s Your Hydration Partner

From Everyday drinking till those special times when you need a hydration boost, Meraki Kangen Water has got your family covered.


“Healthy Meraki Kangen Water For Your Loving Family”

Drinking & Cooking Water (Alkaline Level 3 – PH 9.5 ORP -320mV) :

Energize and hydrate yourselves better with this water as it helps to lower oxidation while maintaining the pH balance of our bodies. Apart from daily drinking, this water is best during and after workouts or for people who need more water like dancers, runners, athletes, restructured nature of ionized alkaline water helps to neutralize the increase in lactic acid in your muscles, as well as keep you deeply hydrated before, during and after your workout. The increase in hydration also means in a decreased chance of injury in joints and “dry” muscles. The more your body is hydrated, the more smoothly it will operate when under physical duress.

After working out, you need to make sure your body is at pre-workout hydration levels. Additionally, you need to flush any lactic acid build-up. Alkaline level 3 with a pH of 9 – 9.5 is perfect for post workout hydration. Do not forget that you lose water when you urinate.

Not just hydration, this water is great for making protein shakes as it dissolves the powder more rapidly and absorbs nutrients more efficiently.

Cleaning Water (Alkaline Level 4 – PH 10.5, ORP -420 MV) :

This water delivers the hydration your body needs immediately, in order to restore proper homeostasis. Thus, helping you quickly come out of that nasty hangover. Yet, the benefits of this water don't stop there, as it also helps to remove acidic waste in your system ensuring detoxification. Third, this water acts as an antioxidant - which can only help your body to feel better more quickly. Finally, this water may even boost the oxygenation potential of your blood, which could also make it easier to bounce back after a night of excessive drinking.

Purified Level – PH 7 :

Purified Level gives you water of a pH and ORP level that is inherent from the water source. This level is ideal for infant consumption, as well as medication purposes as it is chlorine free and does not interfere with the rate of dissolution of the medicine.

Meraki Kangen Water Is Your Inhouse, “Fountain Of Youth”

For the ultimate skin experience

Healthy Glowing Skin Is Not A Coincidence

Drinking And Cooking Water (Alkaline Level 3 – PH 9.5 ORP -320mV) :

The dark spots and wrinkles are actually the result of free radicals. Eating a diet rich in whole foods, focusing on those high in antioxidant like berries, kale and other dark coloured fruits and veg, while also drinking Ionized and alkaline water level 3 will provide your body with life saving antioxidants. When your body is rich in antioxidants, it can fight against free radicals that cause many of these problems.

Toning Water (Acidic Level 1 – PH 5.5) :

Toning Water (Acidic Level 1) gives you water of pH 5.5. This is optimal for washing of our faces and bodies as it works as a natural astringent to remove dirt and oil from our skin, whether you’re a man or woman. Hence reducing the dependency on chemicals. This water will improve skin over months from the outside-in, just as the ionized alkaline water is improving it from the inside-out. People will notice the difference and ask what “products” you’re using, your skin looks so fresh and unblemished!

Toning Water (Acidic Level 1 – PH 5.5) :

A simple toning water rinse after shampoo and conditioner makes a huge difference. An acidic rinse for your hair does two very important things, helps closes the follicles and further compacts them.

Toning Water (Acidic Level 1 – PH 5.5) :

Helps in relief and healing from dry, cracked skin, calluses, bug bites/stings, sunburn, mild burn from a stove, mild cuts, scrapes, scratches, sores, eczema, acne, toenail fungus, athlete’s foot, etc.


NOTE: the ph & orp readings may vary by ± 0.5 and ± 150 mv respectively, subjected to nature of inherent water source, piping condition, water inflow rate, chlorine concentration and filter usage. indicated indicative ph readings are obtained based on ph 7.5 source water. all ph and orp readings are attained based on quantitative sampling basis. ph and orp readings are subjected to natural deprecation.

Healthy Glowing Skin Is Not A Coincidence

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